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      Recovery of rental property depreciation

      Recovery of rental property depreciation refers to a provision for capital gains taxes due to depreciation commonly faced by real estate investors selling their rental property. In essence, depreciation recovery is the way in which the Internal Revenue Service can “recover” taxes on all or part of the gain on the disposal of the asset as ordinary income, rather than […]

      Pros and cons of the down jacket

      A down jacket is the quintessential outerwear for cold weather. If you’ve received a sticker when shopping for down jackets and wondering why people choose them over lower priced synthetic jackets, here are some reasons to become a down lover. Pros: Hot: Down is nature’s way of keeping geese warm and has proven to be very effective over the millennia. […]

      Niagara Falls Casino Spa Hotels

      Another aspect of Niagara Falls that attracts tourists is its wide selection of casinos, both on the New York and Canadian sides. Depending on which side tourists intend to visit, the currency traded at Niagara Falls Casino can be US or Canadian dollars. It’s also worth knowing that the legal age to play in Canada is 19, while in New […]

      The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and Narcissistic Emotional Abusers: Are you saying I attracted the abuse?

      “Secrecy” and information on the law of attraction are not easily acceptable concepts if you have been abused in any way, whether sexual, physical or emotional, or if the abuse occurred when you were a child or an adult. Are you kidding? Are you saying that I attracted the abuse? How absolutely absurd and unimaginable! After years of surviving in […]

      Why choose a Tesla electric car?

      If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your new vehicle, chances are you are considering purchasing an electric car. Not only is an electric car better for the environment, but it will also save you thousands of dollars each year that you would otherwise spend on gas and other motor overhead, making an electric car an overall smart […]

      What is SEO or content marketing?

      Content marketing is the use of content to attract an audience and translate it into sales. SEO copywriting is about creating search engine optimized content so that you grab the attention of search engines on the web. How you compose or write your content will determine how quickly it attracts search engine attention, affecting your position in search results. Tips […]