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Can gift cards be tracked?

Gift cards are given to people as gifts or used by a company as promotional material to promote their brand by offering discounts to people who use the card. It is loaded with money, which is the face value of what it says. It can be described as a prepaid card and most are issued by one of the major […]

Are you doing too much?

In fact, are you doing too much? It seems like an odd question to ask right after one of the biggest vacation seasons of the year, but who hasn’t experienced the weariness that comes from trying to pack as much as possible in a limited amount of time? The point is, when you’re trying to make an impact, you can […]

Rent a luxury car and enjoy your road trip

As time continually progresses, various changes have occurred. With this current the journey also flows. In the few years, it has been regarded as leisure rather than requirement. Either you intend to leave for the hill station to spend the holidays or go to the place of your relative, you must need a means of transport. Car rental is the […]

Clearing up the rumor of PS3 games

The PlayStation3 console won’t be released until later this year, but there are already rumors about it and PS3 games. The report on Theseis is a rumor that perhaps confused even the most devoted gamer. Developers and publishers, as well as game sites, have been posting their reviews, release dates, and other news on the latest PS3 games for the […]

Some fun with old-fashioned hat terms – Part Two – Renaissance Europe to 1799

Some dark and unusual words come to light when looking back at the history of hats and headdresses. Having recently finished reading THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (by Simon Winchester, HarperCollins 1998) about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, I thought it might be fun to explore the definitions and etymology of some of these ancient terms, most of […]

Why is snowboarding so addictive?

The sport of snowboarding has seen massive growth in recent decades. Twenty years ago there were few snowboards on the slopes. It was seen as a rebellious fringe sport. Skiers viewed snowboarders as little more than a nuisance that routinely got in the way up the mountain. Now, there are as many snowboarders, if not more, on the mountain as […]