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Where to find collectible Corgi toys from the 1960s

There are many places to find collectible diecast models, one of the most obvious will be on auction sites like eBay. Here you will find thousands of models from around the world, some in impeccable box and others in worn condition. Some collectors will only buy the best model they can find and the better the condition, the more valuable […]

Free domain names: why you need to be careful

You need to be very careful when looking for free domain names on the internet because you can get what you don’t bargain for. There are some free domains that are not ideal for business purposes and that is why experienced webmasters steer clear of them. If you want your website to make a serious impact online, you shouldn’t get […]

12/25/05: Kobe scores 37, Shaq wins

For years, the NBA tradition was for the two teams from last year’s Finals to face each other or someone else at Christmas. But with the Kobe / Shaq game beating the best Spurs / Pistons game, we could be looking at an annual event. If Shaq keeps winning, it won’t be much of a rivalry. With a 97-92 win, […]

Keeping up with the girls

I made my greatest contribution to the sport of golf more than 30 years ago, when I moved from Montana to the East Coast. Stop playing. The truth is that he was a terrible golfer, and he was not willing to put in the time and effort to improve much. When he played on the fields of the Rocky Mountains […]

Top Ten Reasons for Non-Starter Vehicles

Top Ten Reasons I See Vehicles Arriving At Ace Automotive With No Starting Issues Electric Fuel Pump Failure / Fuel Filter Restriction One of the most common misstart problems that I have seen in recent times is the failure of the electric fuel pumps in the tank, mainly due to the lack of proper scheduled maintenance on the vehicle owners, […]